Calculation game: Bingo (0-10)

Reverse Bingo Bonds Game

Resources needed:

  • The pdf file includes 20 A5-size Bingo grids, each with six Bonds to 10 number sentences.
    • Bingo boards featuring number sentences such as
      “10 – 8 =” and “10 – 3 =”
    • Bingo Calling cards feature the missing addend

Bingo Game



  1. Each child receives one bingo board.
  2. The one with bingo calling cards will give the ‘addend’ (answer) to any number sentence.
  3. Children will find the number sentence on their bingo board.
    • E.g: Teacher calls out ‘6’. Children will find ’10 – 4′
  4. The one who completes the 6 grids win.


Taken from: Number Bond Bingo


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