Place Value Cupping

Place Value CuppingPlace Value Cupping 2Taken from Jen @jen_aston

Place Value DecimalsTaken from Michael Jacobs @msbjacobs

Activity Idea

Find the secret number

To assess children’s understanding of number place value

To find secret number by stacking the cups (with different numbers)

Things needed:
Disposable cups with a number written on each cup
1st cup with a single digit number E.g: 1
2nd cup with a 2-digit number E.g: 30
3rd cup with a 3-digit number E.g: 600
4th cup with a 4-digit number E.g: 2000
and so on with desired place value to be tested…

Able to identify number place value


  1. Cups with the numbers written on them are to be placed randomly on the table.
  2. Given half a minute, the child/children in group has/have to stack the cups to find the missing number.

Lesson extension:
This activity can be proceeded to show children to mechanism of adding numbers (abstract representation of numbers).

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