“Top Ten Reasons Why I love Math”

Meena Boppana, HS ’12, spent six weeks this past summer at the Research Science Institute at MIT, where she gathered with 80 of the top high school science students from around the world and worked on an unsolved problem in a field of math called combinatorics. She was invited to participate in the USA Math Olympiad in 2010 and is captain of the Hunter Senior math team. Meena is co-president of the I-Help-Liberia club, which works to improve science education in Liberia. After attending Mount Holyoke College’s Take the Lead conference, Meena founded a math club at the charter school Girls Prep Middle School.

These are the summarised reasons she gave in the video:

Reason 10: Math is beautiful
Reason 9: Math is portable
Reason 8: Math is play Reason 7: Math never lies
Reason 6: Math is surprising
Reason 5: Math is universal
Reason 4: Math community
Reason 3: Math is hard… For EVERYONE!
Reason 2: Math describes everything
Reason 1: Math can be passed on

What’s your reasons to love Maths?

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