Calculation game: Bingo (0-10)

Reverse Bingo Bonds Game

Resources needed:

  • The pdf file includes 20 A5-size Bingo grids, each with six Bonds to 10 number sentences.
    • Bingo boards featuring number sentences such as
      “10 – 8 =” and “10 – 3 =”
    • Bingo Calling cards feature the missing addend

Bingo Game



  1. Each child receives one bingo board.
  2. The one with bingo calling cards¬†will give¬†the ‘addend’ (answer) to any number sentence.
  3. Children will find the number sentence on their bingo board.
    • E.g: Teacher calls out ‘6’. Children will find ’10 – 4′
  4. The one who completes the 6 grids win.


Taken from: Number Bond Bingo


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