Number Bond game: ‘Snake & Ladder’



  1. Two children have the Rocket Game Board between them and a counter each.
  2. The 10 number cards are shuffled and placed face-down near the board.
  3. Now the first player turns over a number card, he or she then looks for the first complementary number on the track.
    • E.g: if they turn over a 3 they move to the first 7 (3+7=10) on the track
    • if they turn over a 10 they move to the first zero (10+0=10)Number Bond Rocket
  4. The image above shows a game after a few cards have been used. Here the digit 6 has been revealed, the player may move their counter to the closest number bond to 10.
  5. Next, the next player chooses his card. Counters of players always move forward.
  6. The game continues until one player reaches Earth at the top of the board.

The game can be adapted in a number of ways:

  • Dice could be used instead of the number cards
  • Some number cards could be omitted


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Taken from: Bonds to 10 – Rocket Game


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