Assessment for learning (AFL)

Assessment for learning (AFL) is crucial because pupils need to demonstrate understanding before the teacher could teach a new concept. These assessments, which could be informal or formal, are used by teachers to determine:

  1. What stage of learning are the pupils are in?
  2. What are the resources for teaching & learning?
  3. How to design worksheet to assess pupils’ learning?

AFL could be used before or after a lesson. It is used before a lesson to find out pupils’ prior knowledge and used after to evaluate pupils’ learning.

Below are some links to understand more about Assessment for learning (AFL).

  • The features, strategies and principles underpinning assessment for learning form the basis of this review.
Taken from Assessment for learning: effects and impact by María Teresa Flórez and Pamela Sammons Oxford University Department of Education
  • Dylan William (Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, Institute of Education, University of London) gave a talk on “Assessment for Learning: why, what and how” at the Cambridge Assessment Network Conference on 15 September 2006 at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Edited transcript of the talk
Taken from Assessment for Learning – Dylan Wiliam
  • This slides show 70 different activities, ideas or tools based around assessment for learning, with each comes with a description and a pretty picture.
AFL Tools
Taken from Assessment for learning (AFL) tools
  • An example of a teacher using some techniques of AFL in a lesson
AFL techniques
Example of AFL techniques used in lesson


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