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We are living in a time of rapid scientific and technological progress. Information can be obtained quick and fast with help of resources, like Google and Wolfram Alpha, which could calculate formulas just by asking the question in words, which a calculator cannot.

The Singapore Mathematics curriculum has moved from rote learning, calculation of numbers to problem solving with emphasis on Mathematical skills and processes. Students have to understand the underlying mathematical principles, not just procedures, and applying these knowledge to the learning and application of mathematics.

Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom offers students the opportunity to acquire foundation mathematical principles, processes, skills and study techniques. This is to be carried out with active interaction between the tutor and the student, with emphasis on students’ questioning techniques in problem solving.

As there is constant active interaction, there are useful functions in the online classroom which facilitate the communication channel.

  • Video and audio
    Allow tutor and students to interact with each other
  • ‘Whiteboard’
    Acts like a piece of paper that allow explanation to be ‘written’ on. Accessible by both tutor and students
  • Screen sharing
    To enable tutor and student to see each other’s screen when a piece of work is given
  • Instant poll
    Quick check on students’ understanding
  • online assessments
    Mini projects and tests

Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom tutors are Singapore-trained teachers, who have a wealth of experience in the Singapore Curriculum.

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Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom (for student in Australian schools)

Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom (for student in British schools)

Maths Fun Play ‘n Learn Online Classroom (for student in Singapore schools)



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